Weestar's Enchanted
WeeStar Babies from   
          previous litters
Sire: Ch. Mina N' Chris Rflxn v Rumor                         Dam: Picasso Petit Lys Blanc  
        pictured below    December 2011 litter
We are 4 weeks old!!
Weestar's Rocky Balboa
Rocky is all grown up and now is a
Therapy dog. He also earned his
International Championship. Thanks to
his fabulous owner Charlen!!
Weestar's Amazing Grace
Champion Gracie as a pup
Long coat litter Oct. 06
 Puppies pictured here are for your viewing pleasure only. Puppies      
  available for placement will be placed on our available page.  
    Sire: GCH Stonehill Great Escape
     Dam Ch. Flo-Davi  n Timeless Trouble at Weestar

       The boys of Camelot 7 weeks old! (above)

 More exciting news at Weestar!!!!
Lily has surprised us with another beautiful litter of five!!!
     We are enjoying every minute of our unexpected         
                   baby boom!!!             

We have two girls, one long, one smooth! And three boys,
one smooth, two long!!