Proud member of the Chihuahua Club of America

        And the Southern California Chihuahua club

                    A little bit about Weestar Chihuahuas:

    We are located in the San Diego area of Southern California.  We breed only  
    AKC Chihuahuas . Our goal is always to breed carefully and with the
    betterment and health of our breed as the ultimate goal. We breed mainly for
    our next little show stopper, however not every puppy is destined to be a
    show dog. With that in mind, we may occasionally have a pet puppy

    We are a Christian family currently raising the younger three of our eight
    children. Life is always busy here, but never boring. Our puppies are raised in
    our home and with our children. We find that being part of the family right
    from the very start is the best way to socialize a new puppy for the road matter where that may lead.

    My journey into the world of Chihuahuas began innocently enough with the   
    purchase of a little pet Chihuahua "Sunday" over 16 years ago. Little did I
    know....I would soon be captivated by this amazing little breed. And as is so
    often the thing led to another!! Soon I was searching for show
    leads, handling classes and that one beautiful show dog that makes it all

    Many thanks to my friend Mina for allowing me to learn with a really great
    dog. Rex is my first finished Champion and the foundation male here at
    Weestar. He recently was not only the best Veteran in the SCCC Specialty,
    but also received an Award of Merit. He is a beautiful boy with an excellent
    temperament as well as a sound body.

    This year we are looking forward to having lots of fun in the show ring with
    our new little show hopeful...........
                                  Flo-Davi N Timeless Trouble at Weestar

    In Nashville, they say it all begins with a song........
    In the sport of showing dogs, it all begins with that one special puppy.

    Thanks Florrie, Kyle and Kirsten for sending Trouble my way!!!
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Dec. 2013
         Announcing our new Champion
    CH. Flo-Davi N' Timeless Trouble at Weestar

*see more of Trouble on our In the show ring page